Double chin removal

Operation: from 1 hour
Anesthesia: local anesthesia or sedation
Length of stay: outpatient
Suture removal: not necessary
Healing time: around 1 week

For many people, a double chin is a problem area that arises from weight gain, but also from the normal aging process. If you want a double chin removal, plastic surgery offers a number of options, ranging from liposuction to cold treatment. The fat deposits between the chin and neck can be removed in a targeted and uncomplicated manner and the skin can also be tightened. This not only visibly smooths the skin, but also ensures a rejuvenating effect. Should you wish to have your double chin removed, Dr. Matiasek looks forward to welcoming you to a consultation in his practice and to being able to explain all relevant aspects of the double chin removal to you.

How is a double chin created?

The double chin is caused by fat deposits under the chin or excess skin. This manifests itself in the fact that the transition from chin to neck is not well delimited and when looking at the face, and a small cushion becomes visible below the chin. For many people, a double chin means a decrease in self-confidence, as it usually makes the face look a bit older and fuller.

In some cases, a double chin arises due to being overweight. The excess fat is deposited on the neck and below the chin, among other things, and the entire neck appears a bit thicker.

But even very slim people can have a double chin. In most cases, a genetic disposition is the cause, which is why in some patients a double chin has existed from childhood.

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes slack. The neck is often the first sign of sagging skin and reveals wrinkles and loose skin flaps. In addition to old age, this can also occur due to rapid weight loss. With the latter, the previously strongly stretched areas of the skin do not completely recede and can hang down. Since the fat below the chin can only be removed to a limited extent through a healthy lifestyle, the surgical removal of the double chin offers an effective way of giving patients a new self-confidence.

What methods can be used to remove a double chin?

here are several methods that can be used to remove a double chin. These are used depending on the nature of the skin and the characteristics of the double chin.

First of all, liposuction should be mentioned here. This is a quick and effective treatment for a double chin caused by fat deposits. When the skin slackens, however, liposuction does not achieve an adequate improvement. Liposuction takes place under local anesthesia and takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Small incisions are made under the chin and behind the ear lobes, through which a fine cannula is inserted for liposuction.

So-called cryolipolysis also allows the fat cells under the chin to melt without cutting. A special device cools the fat deposits down for around an hour, thereby damaging the fat cells. Similar to the fat-away syringe, the lymph transports the dead cells away after a while. However, the results are not always satisfactory and several sessions may be necessary.

If a double chin occurs due to sagging skin, skin tightening is the best treatment method. A small flap of excess skin is removed through a small incision on the chin. This makes the neck appear firmer and younger.

Finally, laser treatment should be mentioned. This can be used both with a double chin due to sagging skin and fat deposits. Certain types of lasers stimulate collagen formation in the skin and thereby tighten it, while others melt the fat cells from the inside. Radiofrequency therapy works on a similar principle, using targeted heat to tighten the skin.

Who is a double chin removal suitable for?

A double chin removal is basically suitable for all people who are dissatisfied with their double chin and who cannot achieve a satisfactory chin appearance even by normalizing their body weight. The basic requirement for a successful double chin removal is a minimum age of 18 years and a generally good state of health.

Which treatment is possible and useful in each individual case depends on the cause of the double chin. For fat deposits, liposuction or non-invasive methods of fat loss are recommended, while skin tightening on a double chin gives good results due to sagging skin. After our consultation and a physical examination, Dr. Matiasek will tell you in more detail which treatment method he would recommend.

What are the benefits of a double chin removal?

A double chin removal can give patients a younger and fresher look. The facial contours can come into their own after removal, which gives the face and neck a slimmer look, especially in profile. As a result, patients usually feel more confident and attractive. A double chin removal is particularly useful for slim patients in order to achieve a harmonious and coherent overall picture.

What do I have to consider before the double chin removal?

Since it is particularly important to Dr. Matiasek that his patients are well-informed and feel comfortable, he will have a detailed conversation with you before a double chin removal. He pays attention to what you want from the treatment, which problems bother you most and informs you about your options. Then the double chin is examined closely and the face is measured.

If you are taking blood-thinning medication, it may be necessary to stop taking it one to two weeks before the procedure, depending on the circumstances. In addition, patients should avoid nicotine and alcohol for a week. Fatty creams should be avoided for 24 hours before treatment. For hygienic reasons and for good visibility during the procedure, male patients are asked to come freshly shaved to the double chin removal.

How does a double chin removal work?

The exact course of the treatment depends largely on the method used.

For liposuction, the areas to be treated are initially numbed with local anesthesia. Then, Dr. Matiasek makes small incisions that allow him to insert the liposuction cannula. After about 30 to 60 minutes, the treatment is complete and a bandage is applied. This should be worn for around a week as this helps healing.

A skin tightening is usually also carried out under local anesthesia. He makes a vertical skin incision below the chin and removes the excess skin. The edges of the wound are then sutured or glued. If there is a desire to tighten the entire neck, a major operation is necessary.

Patients do not need anesthesia for cold therapy, as the procedure is painless. Before applying the cooling plates, a protective fleece is placed on the area to be treated in order to protect the skin from damage caused by the cold. Then the skin is cooled down for about an hour with special cooling plates.

What are the complications and risks of a double chin removal?

Although the double chin removal methods are very low-risk, complications can occur. Redness, swelling, bruising, or bleeding are some of the more common complications. However, these usually disappear on their own after a while. Wound infection can also result, which is why antibiotics are given preventively. Skilful incision placement means that patients rarely have visible scars. With regular scar care, you can help ensure that the healing process is positive after a double chin removal.

What do I have to consider after a double chin removal?

Follow-up care after a double chin removal is highly dependent on the treatment method chosen. Especially after liposuction and skin tightening, we recommend wearing a special bandage that supports healing and promotes an even complexion. If sutures have been put in, they will be removed after about a week. Physically strenuous activities and sports should be avoided for about two to four weeks, while everyday activities can be resumed after a few days.

When are the results of the double chin removal visible?

After about one to two months, patients usually notice the first results, since the treated area is swollen up to this point. However, the removal of dead fat cells takes a little longer, which is why the final result can only be assessed three to six months after the treatment.

If you are interested in a double chin removal or would like more information about this treatment, Dr. Matiasek would be happy for you to come to his practice for a personal consultation.